Wednesday, July 27, 2011

False Labor Day

While I was not too pleased to be kicked out of the hospital for not being in active labor
I was glad I did not obey hospital guidelines about no food (-;

And it was a pleasure to have my Andy right there to make me laugh

So after relieving our sweet, sweet neighbor of "boy duty", our little band of 5 decided we needed some fun ... so we hit up the local snack shack.
 Lately, Ash has decided he really wants to try and be a big boy.  Some days are better than others; but I love him so much!
 Aiden is my straight arrow: same personality since he was born.  He's so special to me!
 Andy and Olive Oyle chatting it up about colonial architecture
 And despite the failed attempt to have a baby, it really WAS a beautiful day!
 And the all-American fried food was so good ... and now Mom and I don't ever want some again!
 But dessert was worth waiting for!

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