Saturday, April 16, 2011

So What Exactly DID We Do Today?!?!

Here were the boys, Ashton being a complete nutcase, waiting for 3 hours in the glass-enclosed waiting room of ...

The Infiniti dealership where we purchased our Toyota Sequoia!  Yep, with #3 on the way, the 4Runner just won't cut it, so it was time to trade up.  Me, personally, being somewhat of a car guru (ok, maybe snob is a better term, but anyway!) am thrilled to have a Sequoia and equally as thrilled to have found a 7 passenger SUV, with much lower monthly payments than we had budgeted, all while still keeping the Toyota-exclusive roll-down back window.  And I'm not complaining about the heated leather seats, V-8, 4 wheel drive, Limited edition either.  As the Duggars say, "Buy used, save the difference!"  And I say, "Andy spoils me."  But Andy was actually the only one who test drove it and he came back with an indellible smile.  He's not going to complain about all the shoulder room, especially on vacation.

So with our folder of info and stats and our determination to get an awesome deal and not get even remotely ripped-off like the last two times, we marched in with confidence - and our two Crazies.  I think they aided in the manager coming down to our terms.  Glass rooms & kids, well, need I really say more?!  Except that our salesman, Bobby, was super sweet!

Here's the luxurious beast!  We pick him up on Monday once he's been detailed.  So who would like to babysit the boys Monday afternoon?!?!

Now we have room for family when they come visit.  (cough)  That means I want to hear people booking plane tickets!!!!


  1. Aub, seeing as how your new SUV is white,and where U live has all that white stuff that falls out of the sky, R U sure U will B able to find it during the cold, dark Winter months that seem to go on and on in your neck of the woods?????? LOL!

    -G-Pa Freddie

    P.S. U and Andy both chose wisely :-)

  2. Thanks for more pics Aub.
    That SUV is beautiful. Hope the gas mileage is reasonable. Looks sturdy and heavy duty for carrying your precious cargo.
    I see you quoted the Duggars - just don't follow with twenty some odd kids!!! :-)