Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's a Dog's Life

Our puppy is so wonderfully quirky (both in looks & actions!) and yet so patient with the boys.  No, there are no pics of her and Ashton because she steers clear of him most of the time.  We think he might have been the culprit in her "droopy tail" a few weeks back.  He has a bad habit of grabbing onto her tail and not letting go, no matter where she goes or how fast she runs.  (He thinks it's the greatest game ever invented!).  Dog-Dog (as the boys call her) has given Aiden so much confidence outside and he likes having someone to lord over. And cleaning up after South Paw doesn't bother me one bit because of the laughter and companionship she provides - I just love her!

Here's an excerpt I had written about a pretty typical day for South Paw in our house:

With 2 boys in the house, it's never a dull moment!  The boys and I were just quietly sitting in the living room, South sleeping at my side, when Ashton slid the laundry basket full-throttle into my arm, knocking my coffee in the opposite direction: all over the dog! Poor thing, she thought my reaction yell was directed at her!

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