Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Celtic Woman

If you've never seen their outdoor concert in Ireland on PBS late at night during a telethon, you don't know what you're missing!  I like Celtic Woman for the romance & history ad Andy likes them for the thunderous drums & Braveheart-ishness.  Our fabulous friends Jack and Jen took us to the concert at a local amphitheater venue just 5 miles from our house.  Samantha the Magnificent came over to watch the boys, and they were, quote: "Great!"  (It would take another blog entry to go on and on about how wonderful Sam is!).  Anyhoo ... we were the youngest at the concert by 50 years, but we still all enjoyed ourselves, even despite the $5 bottles of Pepsi!

Yay!  We're out without kids!  

Jack & Jen

No cameras were allowed, but I tried to get a pic of the bagpipe player on our way out ... in the mass exodus, I got bumped, and ended up getting a pic of this sweet nun instead!  LOL

My favorite song was 

And the dancing fiddler was as always, most entertaining!

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