Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tomorrow My Baby Turns 1

It has been a long year, arguably longer than Big's first year.  But I wouldn't trade having Ashton for anything!  He was a relatively easy baby (compared to Big!) and only became difficult when he began to crawl at 8 months.  Although he started out smaller than big brother did, Little has passed up his brother in relative size: in clothes they are only 1 year apart instead of 2!  He's quite feisty, likes to make everyone laugh, investigative, a daredevil, and doesn't take "no" for an answer.  He adores his big brother, affectionately referring to his as "Babababa."  They play well together, and are in the process of learning to share toys.  They bond over their common interest in the "Green Machine" vacuum cleaner.  He has a serious Mommy attachment, although he's ok with Daddy holding him now since they recently bonded over some outings in the past few weeks.  However, Ashton is by no means affectionate, and is even a bad "hip baby" (doesn't cling when on hip, but rather leans down and away, looking for things to do).  He's great with the new dog (again, no fear!) and they enjoy dog food together.  He is also super vocal.  He'll sing to himself in his crib, "talk" when playing and riding in the car: everything is "Dadadadadaaa!"  "Mummummummum" is only whined in extreme stress or need of holding.  Ashton is a big fan of fresh mushed bananas, YoBaby yogurt, and big brother's breakfast Cheerios.  Oh, and bathtime is the highlight of his day!  He takes like a duck to water; so much so that he will scream his head off in jealousy whenever I take a shower.  (Hence, I only take showers at night or during naptime: incognito!)  As a mom, I am really looking forward to my baby walking, becoming more independent, communicating verbally, and learning about God and His creation. 

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