Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bed Buddy

South has chosen her spot at night: the stinkiest room in the house!  It's humorous to me, considering that Aiden has never really liked dogs and was championing for a kitten during our dog search.  Now South is an inseparable part of his life.  Aiden enjoys giving her treats and letting her out of her kennel to go potty.  It will be sweet to watch them grow up together!  What would childhood be without a dog?!


  1. Oh that is so Her.. How is potty training going. I would just let her out every few hours. I hope your happy with her..

  2. We LOVE South Paw! She is so sweet and loving and after a few days of adjusting (sunshine helps!), she knows how to let us know when she needs to go out. It helps that we are all outside most of the day ... she has had a blast getting covered in mud, getting a bath, and then sleeping for 4 hours! She is a great addition to our family - please know she is much loved!