Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I do NOT feel abandoned. I do NOT feel abandoned. I do NOT feel abandoned. I am trying not to feel abandoned. After an entire 36 hours of not leaving the inside of my house, I am ready to get out. Ashton is struggling with a head cold, so seeing friends or going to the church building is out. But I do have errands to do, which confines him to either my hip or his carseat, a safe bet during cold season. And I have some great Valentines ideas for Andy. Snow was in the forecast but no sign of white when I woke up. Yay! Rushing around to get ready to go out, I use the rest of the coffee creamer. No biggie, I'll pick up more for my afternoon cup of Joe. At 9am, the heavens let loose. I ignored it, focusing on my shopping ideas. Andy wakes up as I get out of the shower, declaring that it's a good thing I don't have anywhere to go, since he'll need to take the 4Runner to work. If nothing else, than to tow people out of the snow when he gets off around midnight. Crushed! I still worked in ignorance, getting nicely dressed (with snow boots in mind), hair and makeup finished. Andy knows what is going on and doesn't broach the subject until he is pulling on his LLBean coat. "Babe, I've got to take the ..." "Don't say it! You have to take the car, if for no other reason than that I know I have the opportunity to get out. Even if I don't." "Ok. I'll just sacrifice my safety and maybe my life driving the slippery roads." My shoulders sag. I pop open a can of Coca-Cola and plop down on the couch, teenager-like. "Why does God have to teach me so many lessons in such a short amount of time?!"
And so I am at home, with the to-do list staring at me, Aiden coming down with his brother's cold and asking "What can we do, Mommy?" ten times in a row, my Coke almost gone and no creamer for coffee. At least Ashton is taking a nap ... finally. In my heart I know I am uber-blessed. My head says I am going to go crazy. Andy, forgive me for any online purchases, I know not what I do.

My view

The snow's view

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  1. Hi Aub! I love the "snow's view" have a very lovely home!! I can live without coffee and creamer, but a day without Earl Gray Tea...just not worth getting up!! Hang in there...drink tea and you will be better in no time. Love you! Aunt Kim