Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Feel-Good-Go-To Food

Gigi's famous poppyseed bread with almond/orange glaze. Me, a big slice, mug of coffee, and HGTV. Perfection!


  1. Hey Sweetie: Save a piece for me. It looks like that loaf got all the frosting and the other loaf looks bare. I know which one has your name on it. :-)
    Glad to hear you're feeling a little better.

  2. No Aub, perfection would B if I was sitting there having a large slice of the poppyseed bread myself -- LOL! Instead, I will shortly B sitting down to a bowl of home cooked chicken noodle soup trying to speed my recovery from whatever it is that GiGi passed on to me.

  3. Aub-dreeeee: Prayers answered that you are feeling better.