Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hey Dad ...

A while ago, I was doing so well. I ate a small portion for dinner, mostly veggies. And then 10:30pm rolled around. I was full-blown in the heart of some project ... and the hungries hit. So thinking of you and memories of my childhood, I made up a feast on a plate. The avocado was for you ... it was delish!


  1. Way to go Girl - looks Good!!!

  2. Do I see "white" bread????
    Whole wheat is healthier....Grandma says so.

  3. Watch out Aub,

    GiGi is on your case with the white bread!

    --G-Grandpa Freddie
    P.S. Go for it while U can. The whole wheat is on your horizon!

  4. Everyone: it's "healthy" oatmeal bread! Most delicious!