Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Ashton is clean and freshly lotion-ed, his hair combed in baby toe-head perfection. He is garbed in soft fleece pajamas and is nursing himself to sleep as only the sweetest babies do. That is the only thing going smoothly in this house. Half my left leg is soaked from Aiden dumping a cup full of water from Ashton's bath onto himself (and half of me!). Hence, Aiden is running around the house, in what I thought was just his underwear and socks, but as I found out later, was nothing but his birthday suit, as he stripped while Daddy was on the phone with his mom. At least he is happy. I can hear him squealing and serenading himself with his own version of ""Frosty the Snowman." Like I mentioned, Andy is deep in conversation with his mom, while simultaneously running a homeopathic experiment on our downstairs toilet in an effort to get it unclogged. Did I mention this experiment took over an hour and included things like large boiling pots of water and all of my dish soap?! And I hear Sara running out the door to catch her ride to College and Careers at church. I missed her. I had meant to apologize to her for her having to witness me yelling at Andy while I dealing with Ashton choking on a cracker. (Men ask the craziest questions in times of crisis!). Plus, Ashton's choking occurred just as Sara had asked me about our plans to go to town tomorrow and get pizza at our favorite place. We never had a chance to finish that conversation. That, my friend, is what I consider chaos in my house. I always thought the mom of the house could control how the household ran. I was misinformed!

All this makes me think of our first "baby." She was a crazy dog, but she did have her sweet moments. She was a good precursor to kids!

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