Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did NOT have a melt-down over my in-organization of my entire personal life. (Nor have I had them before, and will no doubt continue to have them in the future!)

I did NOT blow my nose into a tissue I knew already had a "boogie" wiped into it a few hours before by my 2 year old.

I did NOT refluff the clothes in the dryer 3 times throughout the day - after that poor load had already finished its original drying cycle.

I did NOT do as an adult what I swore as I child I would never do: sit in my parked car, waiting for my spouse to finish shopping in a store, meticulously cleaning the vehicle dashboard with a wet wipe. In and out of vent holes, around the shift column, ... well, you get the idea. I DIDN'T do that!

AND ... I did NOT use ice cream as bribery to my 2 year old in exchange for a wholly consumed dinner. I am a wonderful mommy who has wonderful children who comply with everything their wonderful mommy says; no bribery necessary. (-:

Don't have a blog or too chicken to leave your Not Me's there? Just leave your Not Me's in the comments of this post so we can all enjoy them.


  1. Not me to not leave a comment on your blog about not me -- LOL!

    --G-Grandpa Freddie

  2. Not me to slice my finger cutting a bagel and then to add insult to injury, burn the bagel.

  3. I did NOT wake up on time, but then fall back asleep, only to wake up 15 minutes before having to catch the bus! I did NOT go to school without washing my hair and eating breakfast again...nope, that wasn't me.

  4. I did not skip out on sociology class because of fear of my test score. its not me to think that the teacher is the devil.

  5. I think Aileena's wins!


    Hmmm ... I think I have an idea of who posted the last comment! LOL