Sunday, September 27, 2009

Out on the Town with the Boys

Last week, we got out early (ok, so it was 11:15, but YOU try getting 2 little boys fed and dressed and ready for a morning out!). We hit up Starbucks and the library. I started going out on "dates" with Aiden when he was just a month old and we've kept it up over the years. Usually once a month we go out and we focus on social etiquette, social rules and table manners. Whenever I designate a day for a date, I seem to go into "Mommy-Mantra" and we have such a good time. (ie, I don't freak out over anything or get stressed out). It is such a memorable event for me and I hope the boys will look back on our dates as sweet memories.

Aiden and his "sack snack"

Yes, I only shell out the Star"bucks" for myself. The boys will have to grow a few feet before they can enjoy a mocha!

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  1. That's BRILLIANT! I'm totally going to come up with some way of doing that here!!