Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wisdom of the Day

My second cousin's wife wrote this and it hit home for me. I hope it chastens you as well. Enjoy!

As children, we always thought the days were long, sometimes way too long. When we were really young, we often had to take a nap. The question, "When?" often came from our mouths, wondering just when we were 'going to leave', 'going to eat', 'going to bed','going to play'. Seemed we had all kinds of time, as though time, itself, stood still.

Now, as adults, time seems to be getting away from us. There's never time enough to really get anything much done in a day. Takes longer to do a project. The day passes so fast, that it's not long until we are seeing the sun go down, and it seems just a few hours ago, it was coming up. We look into the mirror and we don't recognize ourselves!!!!

David was anointed by God, and the Bible says that David was a 'man after mine own heart'. [Acts 13:22] But, he wasn't a man without trouble or persecutions. Yet, he held on to God and his promises.

Today, no matter how short the time seems, we need to hold on to God and his promises, just as David did. As the saying goes, heaven is 'just around the corner'. We need to be as the five virgins who remembered to keep their lights trimmed - stay in the Word, keep our eyes open for him to split the eastern skies. He is coming back, and time for us is short. matter how busy we get....we have to make sure we put God first in all things....and give Him the time He deserves. I want God to say that I am a woman after His own heart....even in the midst of trouble and persecution. My time is HIS time--

How about you????

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