Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thoughts of My Dad

Some people are raised with a world view. Others, a Christian worldview. I was raised with a natural view. Dad and I have always been close, the bond of stubborn-headed firstborns running deep. And my dad is a nature lover. But don't get the wrong idea, he isn't as big on "going green" as he is on understanding and appreciating that which is already green. With a degree in renewable natural resources, he raised me and my siblings to be still, watch intently, and see God in all living things. As my boys grow, I am flooded with emotion at the daunting task of raising men. But praise be to my God, I was raised by one of the finest men of all times (in my book, he's up there with Solomon and George Washington). A man of few words (mostly grunts), my dad is a helicopter pilot, war hero, cowboy, farrier, mechanic, hunter and son of Christ Jesus. But to his mom and wife, he is Brian, to my siblings and I, he is Dad, and to two lucky little boys, he is the best Popeye they will ever encounter. Dad, I love you! (And I apologize for being such a stubborn child. Yes, what goes around comes around!)

Popeye and Aiden watching a fierce monsoon thunderstorm

Popeye meeting Aiden for the first time - 4 days old

Manning-up and changing a diaper

Proud grandparents adoring baby Aiden

My dad, the hunter, keeping the rich family tradition alive. Papa would be proud!


  1. Now I see where you get your good looks. Your parents are beautiful-inside and out. Love, Amy

  2. Hi Sweetheart:
    I'm prejudiced but I have a beautiful family, inside and out. Praise God for such blessings.
    When I looked at Dad with that deer, at first glance, I thought it was Poppa. He was a "mans" man like Dad. What a beautiful tribute to him.
    Hugs and kisses,