Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It Going Down in My Belly

This one is too long for the side of my blog - it gets its own post.

I preface this by saying that my two year old son is incredibly intelligent and verbalizes very well for his age.

Me (sitting on the couch, nursing Ashton): "Aiden, honey, please don't put your finger in your nose."
... 5 minutes or so later ...
Me: "How's that booger?"
No reply
Me: "Did you get it?"
Aiden: "Nope."
... Not even 60 seconds later ...
Aiden: "I eat it!"
Me: "You ate what, honey?" (distracted by the evening news)
Aiden: "My booger!"
Me (with all my might, holding in hysterical laughs just begging to be let out): "Oh no, Aiden, we don't eat boogers! That is SO yucky! We do NOT do that!"
Aiden: "I did. I eat my booger. It go-win [going] down. Down in my bewey [belly]."

I knew one day soon I would have to go through the whole booger eating stage. I am sure I did it as a kid, but seriously, what would make a person do THAT?! Ew, gross!

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