Thursday, January 8, 2009

Squirrel-ey Business

Let me just start out by saying that yes, I DO realize that squirrels are wild animals. However ... they are just so cute, and since they don't hibernate, and they look so pitiful, cold, and hungry ... ... ... Ok, so the reality is that I have been feeding our neighborhood squirrels our scrap bread and fruits since the summer. What began out on the back fence posts has now moved to the deck table, since it is within throwing distance from the glass sliding door. Visits from our furry friends have become a daily routine, and Aiden even insists that his leftovers go to the squirrels. See, I'm teaching compassion for the poor! LOL

Yep, that's a WHOLE apple that the squirrel is trying very carefully to take back to his little den (or whatever his clump of leaves is called). Needless to say, right after I snapped these pics, gravity won!

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